Reconciling differences before retirement begins

The divorce rate among older adults has never been higher.

According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, people in the 50+ category are twice as likely to divorce today than in 1990. For those 65+, the increase was even higher. Meanwhile, divorce rates seem to be going down in younger age groups.

So, what’s going on here?

Nobody says retirement is to blame. But, in light of increased longevity rates and the number of baby boomers in second and third marriages (which are statistically less likely to last than first marriages), it does give us pause.

Healthy personal relationships become paramount in retirement, especially between couples. It’s common to see people who lead parallel lives, each one doing their own thing at work and at play (maybe coming together for a social event or two on the weekend) retire only to discover the other has completely different hopes, dreams and intentions.  If such a couple suddenly finds themselves at home together 24/7 without a plan, disaster can ensue… and fast.

That’s why the Fit-To-Retire program emphasizes the couple as a team and as two individuals. Each partner takes his or her own readiness assessment and is scored individually. Then, at the initial meeting with their certified Fit-To-Retire coach, a couple’s assessments are compared for harmonious similarities and glaring differences. The very act of completing the assessment can start much-needed conversations that might never have occurred without Fit-To-Retire.

Our certified coaches aren’t marriage counselors. They wouldn’t pretend to be. But, if a couple is clearly going different directions in their retirement goals, they can bring those issues to light, and offer resources to get them back on the same page.

Grab your partner and take the free readiness assessment today. It might just be an eye-opener!


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