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We thought you might like to know what our tireless team is working on as the countdown continues to launch. Paul Ewing, FTR™ founder gave us an update from the road in Orange County, California:

One of the things we’re doing is, we recognize that putting this tool into the hands of an advisor requires a couple of things to happen: One, the advisor needs to be educated. They need to understand how to best utilize the tool. They need to understand how to put together their group thinking, how group-thinking powers it and how it benefits them to be a part of that. And, two, we need to be able to switch on the power, which is to say to give them a road map of how to use this in their practices to accommodate and attract that retiree. So, we’ve started a business development road map that’s unique to FTR. We’re working on a library of tools and resources that can support them based on the strategies and tactics they’ve chosen and how they want to integrate it into their practice. Right now, it’s an online resource list, but eventually it will be an assessment that will help advisors identify the strategies needed and the tactics laid out by strategy. It’s really cool.

Expect more exciting development updates soon as the countdown continues!


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