Fitness in retirement is an ongoing goal

Here’s a question for all of you weekend warriors: Is retirement something you should get in shape for, like a class reunion or beach vacation? The answer is yes. And no. It’s a fact that you’ll enjoy retirement more if you are healthy and fit. But, your retirement date shouldn’t be the end goal. Good health and wellness practices are a lifestyle, 24/7/365. And, if you haven’t embraced the lifestyle in your working life, retirement is a great time to make positive changes that stick. Need more motivation? Check out this article in Fox Business today, featuring an interview with wellness movement pioneer, Donald Ardell, Ph.D. Our favorite part….

Curb your enthusiasm for meds, doctors and treatments. The best way to pursue life, liberty and happiness is to consciously appreciate that your health depends on what you do now to be happy, to find joy at every opportunity and to be as exuberant as possible. Dance, mentally and physically, your way, at every opportunity. The great 19th century American orator Robert Green Ingersoll said, “Nobody should fail to pick up every jewel of joy that can be found in his path.”

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