In baseball, as in retirement, ya gotta have a plan.

Here at Fit-to-Retire Central, we’re mourning the Game 7 World Series loss of our home team while celebrating a spectacular post-season for the ages. We hope you’ll forgive one last baseball metaphor before we move on. Say what you will about Kansas City Royals’ manager, Ned Yost, but the man had a plan. And, were it not for that pesky pitching phenom, the Giants’ Madison Bumgarner, the plan would have brought a championship to Kansas City after 29 years. And, so it is with retirement. Our advisors work with clients to develop a game plan, starting with our exclusive 100-Day Playbook, to anticipate the hits and misses, home runs and foul balls that will come their way in the three seasons of retirement. (Sorry. But, we warned you!) We believe we have a winning formula…and a championship team. From the Fit-to-Retire organization to the Kansas City Royals: Job well done, boys. See you again next spring!

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