Give in retirement and you shall receive

The holidays are typically a time for folks to open up their hearts and wallets for those in need.  But, there is mounting evidence that by being charitable in retirement – and not just during the holidays –  you will be a much happier person.

Being generous with money and time is a major indicator of retirement fulfillment and it informs every Fit-To-Retire category of success, from self-identity to social to health.  Think about it. Have you ever seen someone scowl as they’ve handed over a generous donation to their favorite cause? For that matter, have you ever seen an unhappy volunteer?

Don’t have a favorite cause just yet? Never fear. There are hundreds of charities in need that are worth your attention. Why not start to explore them before you retire? By establishing relationships with one or two community non-profits, you can find out where your talents might fit when you have more free time.


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