Your cyber retirement?

Appropriately timed for Cyber Monday, the Wall Street Journal publishes a peek into the brave new technological world of retirement in the future. Conceptually, we like the idea of bathroom mirrors that scan our faces to detect signs of stroke or jeans that cushion the blow of a fall (like the air bags in our cars, perhaps?) But, the downside of too much technology, assuming we could even afford it, is that it tends to replace personal contact over time.

Fit-T0-Retire acknowledges the benefits of cyber services. After all, our entire program lives online for our clients’ convenience. But, our coaches realize the importance of the human-to-human experience in achieving retirement goals. That’s why they meet personally with every Fit-To-Retire client to create a Pre-Retirement Checklist and 100-Day Playbook. Suggested activities within the playbook get the new retiree “out and about” in their communities – to the gym, volunteer organizations, elementary schools – and, often, beyond borders.

As with most things in life, balance is key. Technology can enhance our lives and even make us safer. But, person-to-person contact… that human touch… is what true happiness is all about.




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