Good news on the Alzheimer’s front

Over 5 million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease today which, as we know, affects not only victims’ lives but the lives of spouses, families and caretakers.

This week brings promising news on Alzheimer’s research that could lead to new medical interventions to stop – or, at least, slow down – this devastating scourge.

Why is this germane to a retirement planning service, you ask?

Because our Fit-To-Retire coaches have seen way too many retirement dreams derailed by dementia.

Next to financial security, health is the most important component of retirement success.  That’s why the Fit-To-Retire program puts an emphasis on Health & Nutrition in our readiness assessment and in every client’s 100-Day Playbook.  We want our clients to enter retirement in the best health they can achieve, and to stay healthy for as long as they possibly can.

Through this blog and the many other resources we share with our coaches, we strive to keep clients informed with the latest medical news and healthy aging information.

Let us help you get fit to thrive in retirement. Take our readiness assessment today.


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