Because you’ve got to have friends

That oldie but goodie by Bette Midler says it best:

You’ve got to have friends.

The feeling’s oh so strong.

You’ve got to have friends

To make that day last long.

In retirement, friendships – old and new – take on even greater importance. A healthy, active social life can enhance your quality of life, keep your mind sharp and get you invited to more parties.

Some of us make friends easily; others not so much. For the naturally gregarious, simply striking up a conversation with a stranger at a restaurant can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. For the more introverted among us, organized activities or clubs are needed to break the ice.

Relocating in retirement offer challenges that can seem like golden opportunities to some and daunting tasks to others.  Here’s a great example of how one couple created a social life in a new town.

Wherever you land in your retirement, take care to foster old friendships and form new ones. Your efforts will pay off in spades with strong, positive feelings and long, happy days.

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