‘He said/she said’ retirement challenges

Here’s a common situation for our Fit-To-Retire coaches: A couple comes in for their pre-retirement checklist meeting, having completed their respective readiness assessments. The good news is they have plenty of money to retire. The bad news: They each have a completely different idea of what that retirement will look like.

She wants to fix up the house, become a Master Gardener and spoil the grandchildren rotten. He wants to travel the world, learn a new language and take up sailing.

Sounds like one heck of an impasse, right?

Not necessarily. Fortunately, certified Fit-To-Retire coaches are trained to find common ground and show couples with different dreams there is plenty of time and space for compromise in retirement.  All it takes is honest communication and thoughtful, holistic planning. Our exclusive Fit-To-Retire tools make it easy.

Working together, the coach and clients create customized 100-Day Playbooks, suggesting activities and goals to pursue individually AND as a couple. She gets her new garden and playroom for the grandkids. He gets that trip to Panama where he can practice Spanish and learn to sail.

Voila! Everyone’s happy.

(If only everything in life could be that simple.)




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