A Day in the Life

Here’s a fun exercise to do, especially if you’re one of those people who “just can’t see” yourself retired. Visualize just one day of your retirement and write down how it flows. It might look something like this:

8 am – Get up, stretch, read the paper with breakfast on the porch

9 am – Check email, Facebook and Instagram for news and photos from friends and family.

10 am – Weight training at the gym

12 pm – Lunch with former work friends

2 pm – Investment club meeting

3:30 pm – Research upcoming trip to Italy at library

4:30 pm – Pick up dinner at market

6:00 pm – Dinner and movie night with the grandkids

9:00 pm – Read next month’s book club selection or journal before bed

Can you see yourself moving through that day? How do you look? Are you enjoying yourself? Feeling fulfilled? If not, how can the day be improved? Change it and try the exercise again.

By creating a one-day itinerary, you start to realize how you can ‘check all the boxes’ of retirement success in just 24 hours: Health & Nutrition, Self-Identity, Social, Personal Relationships and Financial.

And, guess what? You can do all new stuff tomorrow!

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