“His & Hers” Retirement

Unless you are literally joined at the hip, no couple does everything together 24/7.

When you go to a party, for instance, you might greet the hosts at the door in sync. But soon, you go your separate ways, seeking out friends with whom to discuss your individual interests – like preseason hopes for the home team or the latest political gossip.

On vacation, one of you might take a long solo walk on the beach while the other chooses hot yoga or an hour’s practice on the driving range.

In the gym, you may walk through the door together, but each takes off in your own direction for the duration of the workout.

And, so it will go in retirement. Some couples postpone retirement indefinitely because they fear a kind of forced togetherness, day-in and day-out. Our certified Fit-To-Retire coaches know how to put those anxieties to rest by helping couples plan – together and individually – a retirement lifestyle that satisfies on all levels.¬†Your 100-Day Playbook will look different, in some ways, than your partner’s playbook. In other ways, they’ll look the same.

Retirement, after all, is simply an extension of life. And, the key to a happy life is balance in all things.


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