“I could see myself living here.”

How many times have you vacationed in a new place and uttered those words? As we get closer to retirement, we often travel with relocation in mind. Perhaps, not in the front of our mind, but somewhere in the back…in that “maybe some day” place. We linger at the window of the local real estate office, checking out the latest listings.  We chat up the locals to discover the ‘best kept secrets’ of a place.  As mentioned in our last post, 37% of retirees plan to relocate in retirement. Some will stay close to home or family; others will venture to a completely new locale.  Some of us will divide our time between two homes. The key is to make sure the place you settle is right for you. Using Fit-to-Retire’s five categories of retirement success, investigate what your new ‘hometown’ has to offer before you call the movers:  Financial security (how does the cost of living compare to what you have now? what kind of travel and moving expenses will you face?); Social life (what is there to do in each season?), personal relationships (can you maintain your friendships and familial relationships long distance?); Self-identify (will you find your sense of purpose in this new place?) and Health & Nutrition (does the place foster a healthy lifestyle?) A little “due diligence” will go a long way to ensure a happy retirement relocation.

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