Moving on up, sizing down or aging in place?

Every retirement story has a who, what, when, where and how.  Often, knowing where you’re going to live out your days informs the when and the how of it.  According to a new report released by The Demand Institute titled “Baby Boomers and their Homes,” 63% of boomers do not intend to move to new housing in retirement, opting to “age in place.” For these folks, the costs of home improvements – anything from a new, professional kitchen to accessibility modifications – becomes an important factor in their overall retirement plan.  Of the 37% who intend on moving to new digs in retirement,  46% of them will be looking for more space, not less, meaning there are almost as many “upsizers” as “downsizers,” contrary to popular belief.  At Fit-to-Retire, we understand that where and how you live impacts your social life, health & nutrition, personal relationships, even self-identity. That’s why we ask the important questions before our clients make big decisions.

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