Left to their own devices

This recent story in Forbes focuses on Cyber-Seniors, the wonderful organization that pairs web-savvy whippersnappers with seniors, eager to learn about their new iPads and laptops. It shows what a little social media mentoring can do – Skype the grandkids! Facebook old friends! Host a cooking show on YouTube! – to sustain personal relationships and engage the mind. And it underlines the importance of having a plan for your social life in retirement.  How do you intend to maintain face-to-face contact with your former colleagues? How often will you travel to reconnect with old friends? Who will you talk to online on a regular basis and through which medium – email? FaceTime? Instagram? These are some of the questions you’ll ask yourself as you make your way through the Fit-T0-Retire process. The answers will inform your preparedness AND enthusiasm for a retirement that’s successful on every level.

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