This is not your grandfather’s retirement

When we saw the subtitle, Why Retirement is a Bankrupt Industrial Age Idea, we weren’t sure what to make of this article by Chuck Blakeman in Inc. I mean, he says ‘retirement’ like it’s a bad thing! And, the title: Death by Golf?  We know plenty of folks who would love to go out on the 18th green, (including a few right here in our office.) But, the point of this thought-provoking piece is not to avoid retirement or even postpone it. The point is to resist the old model your grandparents might have lived (think days of Shuffleboard and nights of Canasta) and embrace a purpose-driven “second act” of conation. (Word of the day!) That is exactly why we measure our clients’ preparedness and enthusiasm under the category of Self-Identity in our Fit-to-Retire Readiness Assessment. When you know who you are and what you stand for, you can make “committed movement in a purposeful direction.” That’s conation. And that’s the key to a wonderful, fulfilling retirement….even with a few rounds of golf thrown into the mix.

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