Measuring our worth without numbers

As working people, we tend to gauge our success by the numbers.

We measure the number of years we’ve been in business, vacation weeks earned, accounts served, people employed, cases won.

We look at the figure on our paychecks and compare the amounts from early in our careers (Friday nights at McDonalds) to where they are now (steak house!)

But, what do we do when the paychecks stop coming and there is no dollar amount reflecting our worth? What will happen when there are no years in business, vacation weeks or clients to be counted? What will be the measure of our success then?

For some of us, especially classic Type-A types, that is the existential crisis of retirement. The anxiety comes not from how we will spend our time, but how we will measure our success in a new way.

That’s where Fit-To-Retire comes in. One of the beneficial byproducts of our program is showing clients that retirement has its own intangible pay-offs. That success in retirement can be measured in meaningful qualitative ways – by the smile you bring to the face of a young person you have mentored or the sore leg muscles you earned on a hike through Yosemite.

But, like in business, retirement success requires a comprehensive plan. Start building yours now. Take our readiness assessment today.



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