Numbers you should know before retirement

You’re already familiar with some of the numerical indicators of retirement success:

Current cost of living, estimated annual inflation, number of years in retirement, anticipated monthly income including Social Security, pension, annuities… not to mention the stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, retirement accounts, cash, certificates of deposit and Treasury bills or bonds in your portfolio.

But, do you know the other digits equally important in determining how your retirement will live up to your dreams? Yep, we’re talking about numbers you can only get from a visit to your friendly neighborhood health professional: Cholesterol, blood sugars, blood pressure, body weight, bone density, vision and hearing levels and more. Your “scores” on those tests are every bit as important as the numbers in your portfolio.

Wellness is a critical factor in retirement success. Not only is it necessary for an optimal quality of life, it impacts your financial situation, as well.  Medication costs, preventable surgeries and trips to the emergency room can whittle away that nest egg and, before you know it, you could be crossing things off of your bucket list because you simply can’t afford them anymore.

Don’t let that happen to you!

But, how do you know where you really stand, especially if you aren’t exactly a regular at the doctor’s office? This list of recommended tests for people 60 and older is a great place to start.  Routine medical exams are an important a part of good retirement planning. Work with your doctor to determine which tests – and vaccines – are right for you to help make your retirement prognosis “Excellent.”

Meanwhile, take our free Readiness Assessment today and find out how prepared and enthusiastic you are in five areas of retirement success: Health & Nutrition, Self Identity, Social, Personal Relationships and Financial.

Remember the Fit-To-Retire mantra: The greatest wealth is good health.

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