Retirement: At your leisure?

This blog post on by Michael Kitces talks about the yin and yang of leisure time in retirement. Free time is fantastic when it provides a needed change of pace from your everyday working life. But, when all have too much time on your hands and an empty calendar, it can get really boring, real fast.  That’s why our Fit-to-Retire program places so much importance on the Self-Identity and Social areas of retirement success. Our advisors ask the questions that need to be answered well before that golden retirement date: Who are you going to be? What are you going to do to bring purpose to your life? Want to take those first couple of weeks off and see where the wind blows you? Okay, we’re cool with that. But, with your FTR 100-Day Playbook in hand, you’ll have a tangible plan to make sure at least some of the hours in your days are full of engaging, rewarding pursuits. As Kitces says…

The bottom line is simply this—it isn’t a good idea to think of retirement as the end of work. Think of it instead as a moment of “financial independence” where for the first time, you can have the freedom to choose whatever “work” you want to do…simply based on whatever brings meaning and purpose and fulfillment.

We’re cool with that, too.

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