Retirement challenges for ‘all the single ladies’

According to the 2013 U.S. Census, 54% of women 65 or over were unmarried. That’s a sizable sisterhood, but is there strength in numbers? Not when it comes to retirement planning, evidently. A study by researchers Michael Hurd and Susann Rohwedder, found that 49% of single women will enter retirement financially unprepared and, presumably, unnerved. (Read about the entire study here.)

Fortunately, a qualified Fit-to-Retire advisor has the tools to help single women (and men, for that matter) transition to post-career life in all five areas of retirement success. Using the FTR assessment and pre-retirement checklist, advisor and client can chart the path well before her (or his)  last day of work.  The comprehensive Fit-to-Retire planning process provides a client precious peace of mind. And, as any seasoned retiree will tell you, peace of mind is priceless.

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