Retirement: Good for your health

A few of the glass-half-empty folks among us believe that retirement is the beginning of the end. The start of the downhill slide. Day One of the End of Days.

Here at Fit-To-Retire (where our glasses tend to be half-full), we’re not buying it. Evidence is mounting that retirement is actually a health enhancer, a new beginning to a more vital you.

Don’t believe us? Read what the Washington Post has to say about it. Cited in the article is a recent study of over 3000 people showing that retired people spend more time getting quality sleep and less time sitting. In fact, retirees are spending more time engaged in walking or other beneficial physical activity than they have in years. ¬†Some even quit smoking (although this holds true only for women, not men, for some reason.)

The old school notion of retirement – the one with rocking chairs, chaise lounges and recliners – simply does not hold true anymore. Modern retirements are filled with heart-stirring, muscle-toning, life-extending action!

Your certified Fit-To-Retire coach – while not a personal trainer – can help you map out a healthy retirement that includes all your favorite activities… and some you may not have considered! Your coach has a wealth of resources – from websites and books to local health professionals – to help you achieve your goals. It all starts with our exclusive, free Readiness Assessment which will show how prepared and enthusiastic you are under Health & Nutrition, as well as other important categories of retirement success: ¬†Self Identity, Personal Relationships, Social and Financial.

Take the assessment today and find out what you can do to become Fit-To-Retire!



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