Retirement planning like ‘an emotional root canal’?

Ouch! This piece in the Huff Post makes it sound downright painful. Yes, retirement planning is complex and often fraught with emotion, even more so when two people with different ideas and interests are making big decisions together. The author makes good points about the stressful challenges of creating a new social life or deciding on the best place to live.  (The jury is still out on exactly how close we want to be to our grandchildren.) We realize how overwhelming it can be. And, that’s the beauty of our Fit-To-Retire Readiness Assessment. Completing the survey can take some of the pain out of the process, especially for couples. By sharing individual assessments between two people, communication lines instantly open and a real dialogue can begin. The assessment not only helps your Fit-To-Retire advisor steer you through the pre-retirement steps needed for a successful transition, but it will help shed light on issues that couples need to resolve before taking the plunge. Emotional? Sure. But retirement planning doesn’t have to be traumatic. Take the Fit-to-Retire readiness assessment now and start the conversation.

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