Retirement from a woman’s perspective

Whether or not she is part of a couple, a woman faces retirement with a slightly different set of circumstances and attitudes than a man. First, her life expectancy is longer. And, she may have a lower income in her go-go, slow-go and no-go years. This piece from Consumer Reports explains it in detail.

At Fit-to-Retire, we take those financial differences into account, in addition to the impact on a woman’s social life, health & nutrition, self-identity and personal relationships.

For instance, studies show women are more interested in caring for Рor just hanging out with Рtheir grandchildren than men are during retirement.  Women tend to have more friends outside of work and less trouble figuring out who they will be after their careers are over.

Gender differences matter and your certified Fit-To-Retire coach can help put together the perfect, integrated retirement plan just for you!

Get started today.

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