Sharing your retirement plan with the kids

When you announce your retirement, your family will no doubt cheer your decision and toast your happy future. But, deep down, they might be worried: “What is he going to do with himself?” “She’s going to go crazy with all that down time!” “How will Mom and Dad get along 24/7?”

That’s the beauty of Fit-To-Retire. It’s a comprehensive program that not only gives the retiree an integrated plan, but offers precious peace of mind to the whole family, too.

Our certified FTR coaches recommend clients share their retirement plans with their kids – and other appropriate people – for many reasons. First, it reassures the whole family that the retiring parent has a roadmap to follow from Day 1. ┬áSecondly, the Pre-Retirement Checklist lays out prioritized ‘to-do’s – like ‘make a living will’ – which can start important conversations between the generations. Third, the Playbook outlines specific activities under five categories – like “Start a daily exercise routine” under Health & Nutrition – that can help the retiree and his or her support team stay on track. Lastly, the entire Fit-To-Retire roadmap comes complete in an impressive packet that can be shared easily and keep on hand for reference.

Start creating your retirement roadmap today. Take the free Fit-To-Retire assessment now and assure your family you’re going to do this right!


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