Retirement: It’s still about time management

The closer we get to retirement, our perspective about time changes, prompting important questions that may or may not be easily answerable:

  1. When is the best time to retire?  “Time” takes on two meanings here. The first one has to do with age. Will you retire early, “on time” or later in life? Some people just know when it’s time. But, for most of us, gray areas regarding financial readiness, health status, psychological uncertainty and family matters can complicate our decision. The second consideration is the time of year. Did you know that the month you retire could impact things like social security and vacation pay collection?
  2. How much time do I have?  Nobody knows the answer to this question, obviously, so the Type-A tendency is to cram a bunch of “bucket list” dreams into a few short years. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, provided you have good health and high energy, ample resources and the support of family and friends. There is, however, a real danger of burnout which often renders well-meaning retirees exhausted or otherwise off-balance. And a plan will be required to finance all those trips to Nepal and beyond.
  3. How do I make the most of my time every day?  The answer to this one will vary with the individual. The thing to remember is that retirement is a process, an ongoing experiment. You will make the most of some days with purposeful pursuits that bring you fulfillment. Other days, you won’t. Just like when you were working. The key is to arrive at a schedule that’s sustainable and satisfying.

Just like in your working life, retirement time needs to be managed…albeit in a different, more relaxed way. Effective, balanced time management requires an individualized plan. And that’s exactly what Fit-To-Retire provides. Starting with our insightful, psychometrically-designed Readiness Assessment and ending with a customized and updatable Playbook, Fit-To-Retire provides all the tools you need to adapt to this exciting, new phase and truly make it the “time” of your life.

Take our free readiness assessment now and get started.  (It will take only 8 minutes of your time!)

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