The staggered retirement

No, we don’t mean staggering to the finish line on the last day of work. Or, staggering home after too much champagne at the retirement party.

A “staggered” retirement is when one half of a couple retires earlier than the other. It’s a very common occurrence in two-income families. Sometimes, the difference is just a few months; other times, it’s a few years. Sometimes, it’s a good thing, giving one partner time to adjust to his/her new life without worrying about whether the other partner is satisfied. Other times, it’s a frustration, especially when the non-retiring partner begrudges the other for his/her newfound freedom.

This story in Kiplingers give some great advice on how to adjust. But, our certified Fit-To-Retire coaches know that great advance planning – individually AND as a pair – in all five categories of retirement success will smooth the transition for any “staggering” couple.



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