Doing well while doing good

Remember that moment in your youth, maybe in college or after high school graduation?  The one when you said (and I’m paraphrasing here), “I’m going to make the world a better place”?  Maybe you did change the world during your chosen career or, at least, contribute to its overall improvement. But, if ‘making the world a better place’ was a dream deferred, retirement is the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time. Retirement gives you endless possibilities for some real, honest-to-goodness world changing, if only you know where to look.  On the local level, consider your closest homeless shelter or Humane Society. Thinking globally? You might want to join the Peace Corps. (It’s not just for 20-somethings, anymore.) Maybe you’d like to take “volunteer vacations” to places unknown where you can help and learn at the same time.  Here’s a great resource that helps volunteers of all ages find their dream “job.” And, that’s another great thing about retirement. You can try lots of jobs on for size, with no risk, until you find the right fit.

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