Picking ‘the’ place to retire

You know the ‘who’ and the ‘what’. You may even know the ‘when’ and the ‘how.’ But, one of the biggest questions to ask yourself as you begin to plan your best retirement is ‘where?’

Whether you plan to stay in your home, relocate out of town or country, downsize to a smaller place in a neighboring city or – eek! – move in with the kids and grandkids, the ‘where’ decision informs everything.

Where you live affects your health, personal relationships, social life, self identity and, of course,  your financial bottom line. Where you retire can make the difference between a fulfilling and joyful second act and a life that is limiting, frustrating and ‘less than.’

What’s more, indecision regarding where you plan to retire can make you less enthusiastic about every aspect of retirement.

That’s where your Fit-To-Retire coach comes in. A certified FTR coach knows how to help you pare down and balance the choices in terms of financial feasibility and what you truly want.  That’s the purpose of the Pre-Retirement Checklist. When all the boxes on the list have been checked, you will have a better understanding of which ‘where’ will suit you best. And, if the question boils down to ‘this place’ or ‘that place’, your 100-Day Playbook will give you realistic ways to explore the options and settle on one.

Start exploring your options today. Take the free readiness assessment and get on the road to the retirement of your dreams.





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