Breaking: Retirement causes instant happiness

Continuing our ‘pursuit of happiness’ theme this week, we point your attention to this column in U.S. News  which reports that, for most people, retirement causes an immediate increase in happiness and the residual effect of better health.

In other words, retirement is good, emotionally and physically, for the vast majority of people.

“You hear anecdotes of people who end up hating retirement. But … it’s also important to keep in mind that we are looking at the effect of retirement for the average person.”

Researchers say the positive effects of retirement are true no matter how much money one has or the kind of job one retires from. As for health benefits, researchers say…

“…we didn’t find any evidence of long-term changes in health care utilization – i.e. doctor visits and prescription drug use – after retirement. So the improvements in health do not appear to be associated with increased health care costs.”

We just love ending our week on a positive note. Don’t you?

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