What do you aspire to?

Here at Fit-To-Retire, we use the term ‘aspirational planning’ to describe how we help clients think about getting the most from their retirement. But, sometimes clients ask, “What does that phrase really mean?” Well, it’s really a multiple choice answer:

Aspirational retirement planning means…..

___ Directing your efforts to achieve what you desire most, now and into the future

___ Using your freedom and time to choose meaningful new pursuits

___ Sharing your gifts and talents with others in ways that make you feel good

___ Pursuing goals that have to nothing to do with money or status

___ Committing to a new mission with focus and determination

___ All of the above.

That’s what sets Fit-To-Retire apart from other, more traditional approaches to retirement planning.  Our certified coaches realize that a person’s ambitions, dreams, desires and hopes don’t disappear on their last day at the office.  They simply change for the better.


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