Going bolder in your retirement career

Retirement career. Seems like an oxymoron, right? But, the fact is many of our clients express the desire to work in some way, shape or form in retirement. For many of them, the way/shape/form is something entirely different than what they’ve been doing for decades to make a living. Often, it’s that fabulous-but-unrealistic dream job they aspired to in their youth. (Think rock star, ski bum, forest ranger or any job description containing the words “saving the world.”)

Now comes a website called CoolWorks with a page titled “Older and Bolder” containing resources for retirees looking for those kind of adventure jobs. Want to be a tour guide in Alaska? A shuttle driver in a ski resort? Maybe a wrangler at a guest ranch in Arizona? You can find plenty of listings there, in addition to volunteer gigs in places like Peru, Uganda and Vietnam.

We have yet to find a listing for rock star… but we’re still looking!



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