How to avoid “retirement flu”

The flu is something middle-aged folks want desperately to avoid. That’s why most of us get a flu shot every year. (Note to procrastinators: It’s not too late to get one…but hurry!)

Now, a new book, “The Retirement Boom: An All-inclusive Guide to Money, Life and Health in Your Next Chapter” says there’s a different kind of flu, a malaise that occurs in the first 30 days of retirement. Especially prone to this “disease” are Type-A workaholics whose immune systems can literally become compromised the minute they step out of the rat race. The authors claim “retirement flu” is part of the natural transition process, a decompression period in which some retirees might prefer to curl up and sleep away.

For the record, we have no problem with naps. In fact, we swear by them. There’s nothing like a power nap to refresh, invigorate and cure what ails you. But, not for 30 days. That’s why each of our Fit-To-Retire clients receives a personalized 100-Day Playbook with suggested activities and goals for the first three months of retirement beforeĀ the last day of work occurs.

Not everyone wants to hit the ground running on Day 1. But, with a comprehensive plan in hand, you’ll have more to look forward to than hiding under the covers.


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