You’ve done well. Now, go do good!

New retirees are ideally positioned to be invaluable volunteers, according to this story in U.S. News. They’ve got the time, the money and all the right reasons to give – back to their hometown communities or to needy people anywhere in the world.

And, as our certified Fit-To-Retire coaches are well aware, being charitable is good for them:

Some 70 percent of retirees say being generous provides a significant source of happiness. Most volunteers report that helping others brings them more happiness than spending money on themselves. Retirees who are active in charities also have a stronger sense of purpose and higher self-esteem. They have lower rates of depression as well as lower blood pressure and lower mortality rates.

That’s why inside practically every Fit-To-Retire 100-Day Playbook, there are suggested philanthropic activities customized for the client, based on his/her passions and talents. One client may want to sign up to lead a Habitat for Humanity building crew while another might choose to mentor young entrepreneurs at the local Junior Achievement program. Still another could join the Peace Corps as an English teacher. 

Your possibilities are truly endless. Find out how you are uniquely suited to change the world, one volunteer gig at a time. Take the Fit-T0-Retire readiness assessment today!



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