Putting your plan in writing

You may have ideas in your head about how you want to spend your retirement. There was that notion a few years back about buying a sailboat. Just last winter, you thought signing up for Spanish lessons might be a good thing…when the time came. Well, even the brightest ideas in your head don’t become a real plan until you write them down. You wouldn’t expect to keep your financial plan organized in your head. So, why wouldn’t you take the time to document a plan for your health and nutrition, social life, personal relationships and self-identity in retirement?

That’s the beauty of the Fit-to-Retire program. Your certified FTR coach has all the tools at her fingertips to help you commit your plans to paper in the easiest possible way. Not to say those plans won’t change. They probably will. But, you’ll have a playbook – customized just for you on real pulp – on Day 1 of your retirement. Our clients tell us that gives them tremendous peace of mind – and confidence – to go forth and conquer the wonderful new world ahead.


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